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[How to make cold blue rice?

】 _How to do_How to do

[How to make cold blue rice?
】 _How to do_How to do

Isatis indigotica is a vegetable that people often eat. This vegetable has high nutritional value, especially vitamins, and it is also rich in vitamin c. In life, people will have various gastrointestinal diseases such asFor duodenal ulcers and some common gastritis, kohlrabi has the effect of assisting the treatment of these diseases, so let’s teach everyone to make cold kohlrabi to eat.

How to make cold blue rice?
Material: 1 scallion blue, red pepper in moderation.

Seasoning: salt, vinegar, sugar, sesame oil.

Rinse and wash the skin.

Cut scallion and red bell peppers into shreds.

Add blue, red and green peppers into the pot, mix with salt, vinegar, sugar, and sesame oil.

The practice of cold mixed simmered blue silk 1.

Peel the lotus root. Be sure to clean the old skin or it will not be very stubborn.


Slice the scallion into fine filaments and place in a bowl.


It is best to soak the indigo silk into cold water (the soaked indigo blue silk stands upright and tastes sweet and crispy) 4.

Cut red bell pepper into water, chopped chives and chopped parsley 5.

Add red bell pepper shredded, chives, coriander, salt, white sugar, balsamic vinegar, chicken powder, fish sauce, raw soy sauce, red oil into simmered blue silk 6.

Use chopsticks to stir the simmered blue silk and serve.

Cold scallion blue silk material Fresh scallion blue, red pepper, chives, red oil pepper, pepper powder, raw soy sauce, rice vinegar, sesame oil, white sugar method 1, scallion blue, red pepper cut into filaments, sprinkle with salt and knead for a few minutesTaste.

2. Squeeze the red pepper and shredded pepper into the salt to remove excess water.

3, sprinkle with chives, chili oil, pepper powder, basically soy sauce, rice vinegar, sesame oil, sugar and mix well.

The practice of cold simmered blue silk 11.

Ready, minced shallot, minced garlic 22.

Add 苤 蓝丝 33.

Add in order, salt, monosodium glutamate, sugar, vinegar, chili oil, and seafood soy sauce and mix well.


Just pour in olive oil for 55.

The mixed simmered blue and sour scallion.

Peel the indigo blue and cut into thin filaments, then shred the peppers.

Simmer the simmered blue wire in boiling water for a while, remove it and put it in cold water to cool.

Fry the chilli oil with chili peppers, then add the chili oil, pepper oil, raw soy sauce, vinegar and sesame oil in order to stir in the blue lotus roots, then sprinkle the parsley on the plate.

Cold tortilla blue.

Peel the sassafras, cut into thin threads, shred the bell peppers and mix with the sliced sassafras, add sesame oil, salt and monosodium glutamate, and serve.

Stir in blue silk.

Peel and cut the juniper blue, add salt and marinate for 5 minutes, then dry the water from the juniper blue.

Cut the peppers into circles and place them on the scallion with shredded onion. Then pour the hot oil on the scallion and add MSG and mix well.

Sauce blue.

Peel the sauerkraut, cut into thick wires, and then mix the raw soy sauce, sugar, pepper, and chili together. Put the sauerkraut into the mix, so that you can eat it after soaking for a day.Green peppers with blue silk.

Cut the green peppers into thick wires, peel the cilantro, and cut the cilantro into thick wires, then sprinkle the salt on the cilantro and kill the water.

Put the green peppers in a hot pan without oil and stir-fry until they are removed. Then, in hot oil and oil, add about 50% of the blue peppers and green peppers and stir-fry.Just fine.